Kinect Sports Gems


Get instant access to new sports games on Xbox Live featuring 10 new bite-sized games from the best-selling* and award-winning Kinect Sports franchise. Each one is fast to download and simple to play – just jump in and challenge yourself to more than 30 missions with photo leaderboard and achievements. Watch for FREE** trials each week!


  • 10*** bite-sized sports games
  • Instant access, simple to play
    • – No menus to navigate
    • – Lightening fast download time
    • – Jump in/jump out of game play easily
  • 10 achievements and 50 gamerscore to earn per game
  • FREE download of one sports game weekly

* based on Microsoft worldwide sales data as of April 2012

**Xbox Live (Free) membership and broadband Internet required; ISP fees apply.

***Games are scheduled to be released between November 20, 2012 and April 3, 2013.