Fable: The Journey

Fable: The Journey
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  • Developer: Lionhead
  • Publisher: Microsoft Studios
  • Genre: Action & Adventure
  • Release Date: 9/10/2012

Before and After the Magic
Telling the Tale
Fable: The Journey E3 trailer
Fable: The Journey trailer

Beware the Magic

Wield magic as a deadly weapon while defending the fate of Albion! Embark on a dangerous quest to uncover the evil that threatens the land, as you learn to harness your vast and mysterious powers. Forgo your easy-going nomadic life and become a hero as you help decide the future of Albion.

Dive Into The Epic Story

Take on the role of Gabriel and defend Albion from the dark Corruption in this legendary story full of Fable's famously wry humor. Fable: The Journey immerses you in a role-playing experience with a slew of familiar faces and foes. In this action-packed adventure you’ll develop a lasting bond with your horse through an emotion-filled journey.

The power is in your hands

Pick up the virtual reigns and race against the clock in this heart-pounding experience. Thanks to the controller-free experience of Kinect, you'll be able to quickly learn magic and level-up your spells. Create deadly weapons to obliterate your enemies, control spells to slow your enemies’ attacks, or heal your beloved horse with the power of your hands.

Return to a more beautiful Albion

Built on the Unreal Engine 3, Fable: The Journey breathes new life into the world of Albion with stunning graphics and vivid detail. Explore new kingdoms and learn more about the history of Albion along your way. Uncover the mystery behind Theresa, a Fable franchise staple.

Fable Heroes

Play Fable Heroes to earn XP, level up your character, and unlock exclusive items in Fable: The Journey

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