Investigate the mysterious disappearance of agent Chris Redfield onboard the SS Queen Zenobia and combat life-threatening dangers in the latest adaptation of the acclaimed Resident Evil series for Xbox 360.

Set between Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5, the Unveiled edition reveals the origins of anti-bioterrorism force BSAA. Revelations heralds the return of the survival horror playing style from earlier installments, inviting players to explore the game world and solve challenging in-game puzzles.

Resident Evil: Revelations features remodeled monsters and game textures to create an impressive visual experience. Stay sharp with improved graphics and realistic game environments in Revelations.

  • Challenge the new Infernal mode and use new tactics and strategies to survive in this extremely challenging game mode.

  • Face off against the horrors of these mutated creatures infected with the T-Abyss virus, a variant of the original T-virus.

  • Detect hidden game objects and analyse creature data with the high performance Genesis Scanner.

Battle waves of monster hordes with your friend via network play to earn weapons and custom parts for your in-game character. Enhance your gaming experience with the new multiplayer gameplay in Revelations.

Join in the fray with new characters Rachel and Hunk!

  • The iconic protagonist of the Resident Evil series, Jill is dedicated to eradicating the world of bioweapons and the monstrosities that the T-virus has created.

  • One of the founding members of BSAA, an NGO established by the Federation of Pharmaceutical Companies. A survivor of the Mansion Incident, Chris must now battle a new bioterrorism threat.

  • A BSAA member of Anglo-Italian descent, Parker teams up with Jill during the game's infiltration mission. Known for his earnest and uncompromising investigative ability, Parker's impulsive temperament hides a loyal and compassionate character.

  • Hailing from the Federal Bioterrorism Commision, Jessica teams up with Chris Redfield to investigate Il Veltro, a bioterrorist organisation. her stylish looks belie her highly efficient combat skills and top-class marksmanship.

  • Title Resident Evil: Revelations
  • Developer Capcom Co. Ltd
  • Publisher Capcom Co. Ltd
  • Genre Survival Horror
  • Release Date 24 May 2013