Release Date:
Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment
Genre: Action RPG
Platform: Xbox 360®

Blizzard Entertainment's epic action-RPG Diablo III comes to a brand new battleground – the Xbox 360! In a gripping experience reimagined for console, players will take on the role of one of five powerful character classes, and engage in pulse-pounding combat with hordes of monsters and challenging bosses, growing in experience and ability while acquiring items of incredible power.
Take on hordes of evil as one of five powerful character classes: Barbarian, Witch, Doctor, Wizard, Monk or Demon Hunter. Directly control your characters and unleash powers specially enhanced for console gameplay.

Obliterate evil as you take on randomized dungeons, events and discover loot along the way. A newly-designed loot system and offline gameplay mode ensure that missions are fast-paced and immersive – essential for console gaming.

Not challenging enough? Hardcore mode is for those who seek the thrill of constant that comes with the possibility of permanent death for their character.

Other features like the Paragon system, Infernal Machine and Brawling will make sure you keep coming back for more.

Dark times are upon us. As you journey to save Sanctuary from demonic forces, come face to face with hordes of fiendish monsters – all armed with unique attack patterns, destructive abilities and behaviours redesigned for console.

Choose from four story-modes—Normal, Nightmare, Hell, and Inferno—as well as eight difficulty settings that progressively increase the challenge and reward players with more powerful armor, weapons, and abilities.

A deeply immersive experience awaits you in Diablo III for Xbox. Discover a completely reimagined interface and new dynamic camera designed specifically for console play. Interactive environments with dangerous traps, obstacles and destructive elements bring all your missions to life.

Don't go it alone – fight the horde with friends in a Four-player online co-op or local co-op mission.
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