L.A. Noire

L.A. Noire
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L.A. Noire

Η έκδοση Games on Demand υποστηρίζει Αγγλικά, Γαλλικά, Ιταλικά, Γερμανικά, Ισπανικά. Amid the post-war boom of Hollywood’s Golden Age, an idealistic detective, Cole Phelps, is thrown headfirst into a city drowning in violence and corruption. Utilizing groundbreaking new technology that captures an actor’s facial performance in astonishing detail, L.A. Noire is a violent crime thriller that blends breathtaking action with true detective work to deliver an unprecedented interactive experience. Interrogate witnesses, search for clues and chase down suspects as you struggle to find the truth in a city where everyone has something to hide.

L.A. Noire
  • 20/12/2011
  • Team Bondi
  • Rockstar Games
  • Δράση & περιπέτεια
  • Dolby Digital
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L.A. Noire Trailer 2
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  • 18/3/2011
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A dark and violent crime thriller set against the backdrop of 1940’s Los Angeles, where everyone has something to hide.
31 - 31 από 31
1 2