Golden Axe:Beast Rider

Golden Axe:Beast Rider
3.25 out of 5 stars from 176 reviews
Mature (MA 15+)
Golden Axe:Beast Rider

One of SEGA's most popular franchises storms onto the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system. As the unstoppable Tyris Flare, half-Gladiator/half-Barbarian , players will engage in vicious melee combat both on foot and atop massive mythical beasts while savaging enemies with blades and magic on a quest for vengeance. This highly-anticipated re-imagination is guaranteed to leave the fans reeling with incredible graphics and never-before seen character skills and abilities.

Golden Axe:Beast Rider
  • 23/10/2008
  • Secret Level
  • Sega
  • Action & Adventure
Xbox Live


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Golden Axe: Beast Rider - Picture Pack 1
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  • 15/08/2008
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