Fatal Inertia

Fatal Inertia
3.25 out of 5 stars from 3435 reviews
E10 (Everyone 10+)
Fatal Inertia

The Games on Demand version supports English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese. At speeds of more than 500mph, gravity-defying machines blast through harsh environments with little room for error. Using unique weapons never seen before, racers battle to stay alive in the most intense racing competition ever experienced. Fatal Inertia delivers a glimpse into the future of racing. Download the manual for this game by locating the game on http://marketplace.xbox.com and selecting “See Game Manual".

Fatal Inertia
  • 1/1/2008
  • TECMO KOEI AMERICA Corporation
  • Racing & Flying
  • Offline players 1 - 2
  • Offline co-op 1 - 2
  • System Link 1 - 2
  • Dolby Digital
Online features
  • Online multiplayer 2 - 8
  • Leaderboards
  • Voice chat
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Fatal Inertia Demo
3.25 out of 5 stars from 408 reviews
  • 8/13/2007
  • 380.09 MB
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A BRAVE NEW WORLD OF COMBAT RACING! In the middle of the 22nd century mankind’s thirst for excitement has spawned an evolutionary sporting event that draws from the combined disciplines of rally racing, demolition derby and high-performance aeronautics. In this brave new world of combat racing, gravity-defying machines are no longer confined to the speedways and stadiums of centuries past. In this grand spectacle of racing, the amphitheatre where drivers must prove their superiority is the untamed wilderness.
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