Kinect Adventures!

Kinect Adventures!
3.75 out of 5 stars from 31243 reviews
Ages 3+
Kinect Adventures!

The Games on Demand version supports English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Potuguese, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese. Kinect Adventures! is a full-featured Kinect game where you and your friends will explore the world – and beyond – through 20 active adventures to achieve the ultimate reward: Expert Adventurer status! Jump, duck and dodge your way through roaring rapids and challenging obstacle courses. Use your skills to save a leaky underwater laboratory. Get creative by showing off and sharing your accomplishments online with Photo Moments and Living Statues. The spirit of adventure awaits!

Kinect Adventures!
  • Good Science Studio
  • Microsoft Game Studios
  • Other, Kinect
  • Offline players 1 - 2
  • Offline co-op 2
  • Dolby Digital
Online Features
  • Online multiplayer 2
  • Online co-op 2
  • Content downloads
  • Voice chat
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Premium Launch Theme
3.5 out of 5 stars from 70 reviews
  • 04/11/2010
  • 4.14 MB
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Revisit the settings of Kinect Adventures, from the Reflex Ridge mountaintop to the 20,000 Leaks undersea laboratory, in this beautiful premium theme! The theme also includes a rugged new look for your Friends channel. There are no refunds on this item. For more information, see
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