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Madden NFL 10

Madden NFL 10
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Madden NFL 10

The future of the Madden franchise begins now, with the most feature-rich title of the series…and this is just the beginning. Madden NFL 10 brings the emotion of the NFL to life like never before as everything you see on Sunday, you’ll see in Madden NFL 10. The all-new Pro-Tak™ system is the next evolution of on-field authenticity; allowing you to “Fight for Every Yard”. From gang tackles that allow defenders to add on after initial contact to a new blocking engine that allows for authentic pockets to form this is the most realistic Madden NFL experience yet. Franchise Mode lovers need to check out the “Extra Point” show that catches you up on last weeks’ action before previewing the upcoming matchups. Madden NFL 10 also delivers Online Franchise mode so that you can easily manage a multiplayer Franchise Mode experience from in-game and on the web. Madden NFL 10 was developed by EA™ Tiburon for EA SPORTS™.

Madden NFL 10
  • Electronic Arts - Tiburon
  • Electronic Arts Inc.
  • Sport és szabadidő
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Madden Ultimate Team
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  • 2010. 01. 07.
  • 302,40 MB
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Madden Ultimate Team brings a level of strategy to the Madden NFL franchise like never before. Create the definitive NFL team by collecting virtual cards that include nine types of cards ranging from NFL superstars, head coaches, stadiums and much more. You are responsible for selecting everything from the team playbook to the uniforms. Create your team by buying card packs, acquiring cards through the auction block and collecting the best players from around the league, including rare, legendary players. The perfect mode for card collectors and fantasy football gurus, Madden Ultimate Team provides a unique football experience, giving you total control over building a single team in the quest to be crowned the ultimate Madden team.
1–1., összesen: 1