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Gears of War

Gears of War
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Gears of War

Эта игра поддерживает английский, французский, итальянский, немецкий, испанский и китайский языки. A Nightmare from Below. A Hero from Within.

Gears of War
  • 04.05.2010
  • Epic Games, Inc.
  • Microsoft
  • Шутер
  • Связь между консолями: 1–2
  • Dolby Digital
  • Многопользовательская игра в сети: 2–8
  • Загружаемый контент
  • Списки лидеров
  • Голосовой чат
Xbox Live


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'Hidden Fronts' Multiplayer Map Pack 2
4,5 из 5 звезд в 56 просмотрах
  • 03.05.2007
  • 230,31 MB
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Get ready to enhance your Gears of War multiplayer experience. Download the four new maps today, including: || Bullet Marsh: In this Kryll-infested swamp, an old generator still powers the area lights. A few stray bullets could easily knock out the generator, leaving players in the dark to fend for themselves against the hungry Kryll. || Garden: This overgrown and crumbling conservatory still has a working fertilization and pesticide system. This system can pose a serious health hazard to anyone who ventures into the greenhouse without first venting the air. || Process: Teams must fight for control of this subterranean Imulsion processing plant, still active despite the cessation of the Pendulum Wars. || Subway: Timgad’s Central Subway Station used to serve as a central hub for commuters. Now the tunnels are crawling with Locust. There are no refunds for this item. For more information, see www.xbox.com/live/accounts.
Gears of War Multiplayer Map Pack 1 Brought to you by Discovery Channel
4,25 из 5 звезд в 59 просмотрах
  • 10.01.2007
  • 98,62 MB
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Discovery Channel FUTURE WEAPONS gives you Raven Down and Old Bones Raven Down: A Raven helicopter has gone down in the middle of a large-scale battle. Gears have taken out a Seeder, and forces are now moving into the crash site from all angles to find survivors. Old Bones: In an attempt to eradicate human culture, the Locust have emerged under Sera’s Capitaline Museums and have started destroying them brick by brick.
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